Salin Air Purifier

$139.00 $99.00

Get a better night’s sleep with the Salin Salt Therapy Air Purifier (Small). Helps remove pollen & dust and clears away respiratory congestion, and minimise snoring.

Unit is ideal for small rooms or travel.

Comprehensive 2-year warranty.

NOT available in pharmacies.

Cleanse your airways with therapeutic salt irons – and create a salt room in your own home. Salin Salt Therapy may help to clear congestion in your respiratory system, including nasal and sinus cavities, middle ear canal, throat and lungs. The exceedingly low dose of salt (less than 0.1g per day) makes it ideal for all ages.

Air Purifier PLUS Salt Therapy

Salin Salt Therapy is more than just an air purifier. It successfully removes airborne pollutants such as pollen and dust. However, its major difference lies in the cleansing, therapeutic benefits of dry salt therapy, offering a competitive advantage over any other air purifier in the market.

Salin Salt Therapy is recommended for individuals suffering from a wide range of respiratory issues including hay fever, cough, blocked or runny nose, sinusitis, and post nasal drip.

It is also an effective anti-snoring device, reducing soft pallet swelling which is associated with snoring and clearing nasal passages and allowing you to breathe through the nose.

Salin Small Salt Therapy Unit

This small device is perfect for adults’ or children’s bedrooms, supporting up to 40 cubic meters. Lightweight and compact, it’s also suitable for travel. For larger areas, we recommend the Salin Plus Salt Therapy device.

Energy efficient, cost effective, quiet and maintenance free. The device runs on mains power at 10 Watts.

Sleep better

For best results place the device on a bedside table, facing towards you, and leave running overnight, every night, to achieve your recommended daily dose of 8 hours use.

There is no maximum daily limit.

Recommended for small single rooms up to 40 cubic meters. Includes one salt filter cartridge.

Relative Humidity

The device should NOT be used in a damp environment, as salt is an absorbent, and may absorb the moisture in your room, resulting in the device losing some of its effectiveness and in extreme cases leaking water.

Should this occur, we recommend the use of a dehumidifier to reduce your homes relative humidity level to around 50%, the ideal humidity level.

This will have the added benefit of reducing dust mite activity, which thrive above 65%.